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Cheap companies always end up costing more

I am very disappointed with lowcostholidays. Having never booked a holiday before I was nervous and excited and double checked everything. One thing that surprised me is that next to passengers number 2 onwards it said 'copy last name from first passenger'. This was not hyperlinked, and as I had never booked a holiday before I felt I should not question it for fear of seeming naive, so I gave all my friends my last name, assuming that this was to show we were a group and was something we would need to update later, along with passport details, which were not required at the time.

A month later I casually mentioned this to my dad who, as an experienced 'holiday booker' stated that this was incorrect, and to ring them so that I could ammend my booking. He noticed a small symbol which when clicked would copy the last name of the first person to other passengers, and commented that this was sneaky and very badly designed (he is a website developer himself). To those inexperienced in computer symbols and holiday booking this is clearly very misleading. I rang them the next day at a premium rate and received a woman who's English wasn't too great, who stated that I would have to pay a £35 admin fee, and £30pp to change the names on the flight. I feel this is disgusting as it is clearly a mechanism lowcostholidays use to make money off inexperienced holiday makers. On top of this I had to pay a card charge on top of the £155, despite being offered no other way of paying, and it being their misleading information which has led to this situation.

The website design is terrible, and their customer service is poor. I will tell family and friends to use a different company next time. It's companies like this that give 'rip off britain' its nickname.

Update: I have sent them an email today with my booking reference number (6267738). Looking forward to a reply, that will hopefully resolve the situation.
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    Reply from Lowcostholidays

    Good Morning Kayleigh Ann,

    We are really sorry to hear you have experienced such difficulties with your recent booking.

    We have a 'copy name from last passenger' link to help customers and speed up the booking process, for families sharing the same surname, for example. We apologise that you felt this was misleading.

    We would like to look into this further for you, as we can assure you that the link is there to help customers.

    To enable us to do this, please send an email to


    and include your booking reference.

    Kind Regards

    Abi 27/03/2013 @ 09:55
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