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Not good so far

I tried booking online yesterday and it failed three times, the last time after entering all my card details. Called today and was told by a lady that the flight prices had changed and that it would be £50 more. She then tried completing the booking but couldn't process the flights. she said the flight team would contact me if the flight prices increased. I had a call back about two hours later when I was told that the flights had increased by a further £150! (booking ref 6403461) At this point, completely frustrated I cancelled the complete holiday and was told it would take 3-5 days for the refund to come through! amazing since they took it of my card immediately! The latter customer service representative was not very helpful.
I then went back on their site to see the alternatives for flights etc and found the original flights and prices still available, and it allowed me to book it this time. (ref 6403595) Now its time to see If I will get really annoyed or not, I will be very disappointed if they come back with any increases in cost or lack of availability. There is no disclaimer at point of booking that the prices are liable to change in fact the opposite, stating that these prices and availability are only available if you book now...... fingers crossed this time!
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    Reply from Lowcostholidays

    Good Afternoon Steve,

    Firstly, I would like to advise that the booking under the given reference is all confirmed and the documents have been issued.

    We can only apologise that your original flights increased in price. Flight prices fluctuate daily and are provided by the airline directly. We do appreciate your frustration but unfortunately increases in supplier rates are beyond our control.

    Airlines and hotels will update their fares and rates at any time and these prices fluctuate regularly, even up to several times throughout one day in busy periods. Our systems are highly dynamic but, as we do not own the airlines or hotels etc available on our websites, we are unable to maintain a constant live feed of pricing. We do however, update this detail several times a day to ensure the price we have is as current as possible.

    When you place a booking on our website, the price shown is as per our most recent system update. At the time you confirm your selected booking components, our system then connects with the reservation systems of the suppliers to confirm your requirements and they, in turn, return a confirmation reference and the booking is secured. On very rare occasions, if the supplier has updated the price of their service since our last system update, this component will fail to book when you confirm on line. When this situation occurs, our systems will not issue your booking confirmation and contractual documents and our customer services team will look to contact you within 24 hours to advise you of the options. We appreciate that this is the option you chose initially for the first booking.

    The prices have since stabilised and the second booking has been successful. We are sorry that this was not the case initially.

    If you have any further queries in relation to your booking, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

    Kind Regards


    Abi – 18/07/2013 @ 13:16
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