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How are companies like that allowed to trade??

Seriously, do NOT use this service... I don't know how companies like that are allowed to trade!!!??...
I tried to make a booking online, but apparently it didn't work because I entered my card number incorrectly. As you are not able to try again, I had to call them to do the booking over the phone, and was told that the price for the flight had magically gone up (even though when I did a new search on the website the price was EXACTLY THE SAME as before). The guy on the phone said that it was because Easyjet puts the price up, I trusted him and agreed to the transaction (was therefore charged 60 pounds more than the quote I got online). But what the guy said was a LIE as when I went on the Easyjet website to check, their price for the same flight was exactly the same as before. It hadn't gone up by a penny.
I called the customer service team to complain and spoke to a rude adviser who told me that the matter would be investigated and I someone would call me back later in the day. No one called me back and now their office is closed (it closes at 5 in the afternoon.... what are you supposed to do when you're working?).
According to a lot of reviews the prices keep on going up and down! IS IT A SCAM???
I'm going to ask the Trading Standard for advice on Monday as obviously something weird is going on here. I don't understand how this has been going on for so long.
I hope at least they will give me my money back in full when I finally manage to get hold of them.

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    Reply from Lowcostholidays

    Good Afternoon Lena,

    Firstly, I would like to advise you that our opening times are Mon to Fri 09.00-17.30 and Saturday and Sunday 09.00-17.00.

    We can only apologize that your original flights increased in price. Flight prices fluctuate daily and are provided by the airline directly. We do appreciate your frustration but unfortunately increases in supplier rates are beyond our control.

    Airlines and hotels will update their fares and rates at any time and these prices fluctuate regularly, even up to several times throughout one day in busy periods. Our systems are highly dynamic but, as we do not own the airlines or hotels etc available on our websites, we are unable to maintain a constant live feed of pricing. We do however, update this detail several times a day to ensure the price we have is as current as possible.

    If you were able to place your booking on our website, the price shown is as per our most recent system update. At the time you confirm your selected booking components, our system then connects with the reservation systems of the suppliers to confirm your requirements and they, in turn, return a confirmation reference and the booking is secured. On very rare occasions, if the supplier has updated the price of their service since our last system update, this component will fail to book when you confirm on line. When this situation occurs, our systems will not issue your booking confirmation and contractual documents and our customer services team will look to contact you within 24 hours to advise you of the options. Therefore this is what it could happen to you if your booking was placed and you would received the same increase of the price within 24 hours.

    Please note that your flight booking has been made through easyJet.com and money taken from your account as you can see from your bank account have been taken to pay directly the airline.

    If you have any further queries in relation to your booking, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

    Kind Regards

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