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Great products, delivery times misleading

I understand the premise of, I think the idea is great and the products are fantastic. But some more thought needs to be given of how to service customers reliably online.
Having ordered two items, I was advised by email that both would be delivered within 5 days. A little agrieved at having to spend post and packing costs twice, I accepted this as I guessed they would be coming from different locstions/suppliers maybe.
I received regular update emails on one of the items but heard nothing about the other. I even took delivery of one item but still heard nothing about the other so I called.
I was politely told that the other item would not be available for at least six weeks. The online system defaults to 'within five days' apparently. Not that helpful and not great that I had to chase to find out about it rather than getting a call to confirm the error.
So, if there is one thing that would make your site even better, it would be working out how to accurately show delivery times and if you can't do that, get someone to check all orders and call if the wait is a little longer than the customer anticipated.
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    Reply from MADE.COM

    Hi Karen

    We recently did have a bug on the website where product lead times were, unfortunately, incorrect, so a few items were marked as being quicker and slower than they actually were. It's a shame that you were affected, but it is reassuring that you're happy with the items that you did receive.

    We are actually currently following your suggestion, making sure that our systems are communicating correctly and double checking that each product's lead time is accurate on the site.

    Best wishes

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