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Poor ordering status and tracking

Made seem to rely on automated process and less of real customer contact which leads to problems. To order, they have a system where you can ask questions on the item and they will respond. I entered a query on dimensions and heard nothing for 2 weeks and had to call the customer service line. They were sorry and rang through to head office to get the query answered and they couldn't do this without me chasing. They had sent an email and no one had replied to their own customer service team. Unbelievable! I then placed an order for a desk, chair and lamp. Got automated updates saying dispatched and one item did not arrive and got lost by their courier. I had to tell them this and they offered me £25 voucher for next purchase. The desk I ordered is now late on delivery and next estimated date is end of July and 8 weeks later than they had promised. To top it off I get this survey saying all my items have been delivered when I still have a desk and a lamp outstanding. Not sure if I should let them know that the automation has messed up again? You pay for what you get and so far service, delivery times and general poor customer service is off putting. Probably wont use again unless a real bargain price.
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    Reply from MADE.COM

    Hi Sapna

    We're sorry to see that you had these issues with your order. We do take pride in our customer service team, and they are committed to responding in a quick and complete manner. Occasionally though it can take a little longer to find the answer to some questions, but it's not right that no-one got back to you.

    Unfortunately our feedback email didn't take into account that one of your items was sadly lost by the courier, but we value feedback at every stage of your experience with us, so do feel free to respond to it - we'd like to hear your thoughts.

    Kind regards

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