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Dishonest and terrible customer service.

Firstly I would never normally use Mark & Spencer as all it's products are so massively overpriced it's a joke. One relative bought 12 crackers for Christmas at £15 and the quality were worse than pound shop ones with contents you wouldn't expect from a Kinder Surprise egg.

However back to my review, upon joining Sky I was given a £25 gift voucher so made a purchase from them online. Completed my purchase totaling £29 paying with the £25 gift voucher then the website says I need to pay the remaining balance £4 by an alternative method. I put in my Mastercard and the transaction completes.

They claim to charge the payment methods at the time of dispatch so the following day I get an email detailing the order but said the full £29 was taken from my card and no mention of the gift voucher.

I telephone the customer service number who to be fair answered very quickly but after passing the security questions and providing them with my concerns the agent said yes we know we have the problem all the time!

Why allow the problem to happen if you are aware of it? Presumably to see if they can get away with keeping the money from the gift voucher? Luckily as the voucher had been sent by email rather than a physical cardboard / plastic one you would buy as a gift I still had the details where as if it had been a physical one I would have thrown it away after cleaning out the balance.

When I questioned the response from M&S agent she was not worried and simply asked if there was anything else she could help with.

I am surprised people still use Marks & Spencer, it's just a shame they won't miss my custom as I never shopped there in the first place as I could always see they were more interested in shareholders than customers.
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