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Scam, I paid and never got my mattress

Mattressnextday is a disaster. My mattress was due on Friday between 8am to 5pm. I've been waiting the whole day and nothing came. At 4.30pm I called the costumer service and someone told me they were on their way and that I may get my mattress within one hour but they didn't came at all. The next day, on Saturday morning I called them again. They didn't even apologize and they said that they came but that nobody was there which was obviously a lie and that they 've been trying to call me , which is another lie. Then they didn't want to deliver to me this day (why???) and gave me their word I would get it on Monday 8 am. So, on Monday I waited...nothing! I called them back at 10pm, and someone told me they were coming before 1PM. Still nothing. I called them back at 1.30pm and they swear they would come as soon as possible. Still nothing. I called back at 3pm, they told me they would come at 4pm. Still nothing, I called back etcetc. AT the end of the day they didn't even call me. When I called them back, they said they came but that I was not there. ANother lie, and my partner called them and they said a different story: that they didn't find the place, and that they called me which was not true etc etc So I would advise to anyone to never ever buy anything from them. They really don't care, they're really dishonnest , rude and I NEVER GOT MY MATTRESS NOR MY MONEY BACK, and I spent a lot of money to call them.
    Mattress Next Day
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    Reply from Mattress Next Day

    Dear Clelia

    We apologise for the delivery problems you experienced. We use a courier to deliver and it is therefore sometimes difficult to supply the customer with an exact delivery time.

    Our records show your property was carded on two occasions as there was no one in to accept the delivery and the order was delivered on 24.10.13.

    We have noted your points and once again apologise for any inconvenience caused.

    Kind regards,
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