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An Excellent Experience.

I think this company is brilliant.

We ordered our mattress at 4pm yesterday and it arrived today. We called them two minutes after the order to check if it had been processed and was eligible for next day delivery - they confirmed it would be before 1pm today. Staff were polite and professional.

At 10am we received a call to say the delivery van had been in a road traffic accident, that they would try to get it out this afternoon but may potentially arrive tomorrow before 9.30am

At 3pm the mattress arrived. Delivery drivers lugged it up two tight flights of stairs, were friendly and very patient and understanding when I asked them to hang around while I opened it, checked for damages (a precaution I took based on just a few bad reviews here). Mattress was in perfect condition.

I can only stress what fantastic service this is. And price wise -they seem to undercut other companies massively. I have separately posted a negative review of Dreams after being made to wait 6 weeks for a mattress that was promised to be delivered in two weeks. We were tempted by Dreams offer of discount (a discount which doesnt exist) but if I had known what I do now about this company I would have had my mattress weeks ago.

I am usually too busy to write reviews but my terrible experience with Dreams helped me to see that the only reason bad companies stay in business is because not enough complaints are made - and that great companies like this aren't more well known because not enough good reviews exist.

This company deserves a really good review.
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