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Horrendously incompetent

I have a newly diagnosed diabetic cat, and had purchased a small, initial amount of specific food and syringes from my Vet. Due to the ongoing cost I researched online to see who could offer these supplies at a better price. had very good prices and had a delivery guarantee of 3-5 days, which was important as I had only limited amount of supplies and a limited amount of annual leave to be at home to take delivery. They also had very good reviews on their website. I placed my order on the 8th April. By the 16th (7 working days later) I had not heard/received my goods, so I phoned to be told the order had not even been packed yet in the warehouse. I explained the urgency as 7 days had passed and that I had a sick cat and dwindling supplies. This seemed to fall on deaf ears. I asked that the customer service advisor to contact the warehouse to expedite my delivery and to phone me back with further information, unfortunately this did not happen. I later received an email promising my order would be received within 48 hours, this also did not happen. I had to make an urgent and expensive trip back to my Vet. I finally received my order on the 19th April. If I had been aware that the lead time for delivery was 10 working days rather than the 3-5 days as advertised, I would have placed my order sooner, I would also have taken my annual leave days at the back end of the order time rather than have wasted them waiting for a delivery based on false information. Ultimately, animal welfare does not seem to be on this company's radar, furthermore the customer service is nonexistent. I have read the reviews, most saying how wonderful the delivery and customer service is, so I am absolutely baffled as to why my experience was so bad. I was a first time customer, but won't be placing a second order.
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    Dear Karen,

    Thank you for your review.

    First and foremost, please accept my sincere apologies for all the problems you have encountered. One of our advisors will be emailing you right away to discuss the matter further.

    Best wishes,

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