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Good delivery of items to Finland, but this time the item was not quite according to the description.

I ordered the discounted Hayes Prime Expert brakes.
The brakes arrived promptly as usual, so the buying and delivery experience was good.

The bottom line of my feedback is that I will certainly buy again from Merlin Cycles, but this time the email communication and item description/item condition was not optimal. Now the brakes are working very well, but the extra amount of work needed in this case was not what I was expecting for a new brake set. I also need to mention that I was offered a chance to return the items.

A) The cosmetic findings: When the brake-set arrived, I noticed that the brake fluids had leaked out from both brakes and that there were some scratches on the handles of the brakes and the brake calipers. Although these marks on the brakes were not anything serious, they were so clear that I would have assumed that these would have been mentioned in the item description. The items were also packed safely, so the delivery was not the reason for the markings. When I mentioned these findings in my email to Merlin Cycles, I received no reply of the possible origins of these markings.

B) The brakes were in a need of bleeding straight out of the box. I also needed to change the handles around for my setup (this is not a complaint). During the bleeding and changing around the brakes handles with respect to the brake calipers, I noticed that the brake hose compression screws were way tighter than the specified < 8 Nm by Hayes, meaning that had to be opened with way too much force. Even the bleed screws were torqued in place so that a straight screwdriver had problems loosening the screws, when the 1 Nm specification means hardly tightening at all. I also had to open, clean and re-tighten the brake handle covers for both brakes to stop the slow leaking of the DOT fluid out of the brake systems. This part is of course not necessarily because of Merlin Cycles, but because I don't know are the history of the brakes I decided to describe my findings.

C) I recommend that the brake handle setup (right/left, front/rear) could be described in the item description for brakes that are not symmetrical with respect to change to the other side of the handle-bar. Especially in the case when items are sold to all over the world.

D) My latest emails from (18. Dec and re-sent on 26. Dec) have not been answered so far (12. Jan).
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