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Good service, a few faults, call centre is poor. Uk head office is good.

We've been using milk and more for 3 years. Our milk is always delivered before I get up (5am). I've never experienced a problem with cancelling an order and the holiday feature on their site is great.
I find their site easy to use and add items . I'm not sure what others have issues with.
We are aware there are cheaper sources for milk, but I believe the farmers get a better deal from dairy crest than the supermarkets.

My problems arose with addition or promotional goods at knock down prices, and replacements for the out of stock promotional goods. After speaking the the call centre in Manilla ( Philippines ) and getting no where, I called the UK head office in Oxford and explained my problems. My account was refunded and normal service resumed. We just don't order promotional goods now.

I understand the labour charges for call centres, and hate this facility, but I'm hoping we have no further issues. If we do, we're off.

I recive an e mail to tell me when are how much will be taken via direct debit. It's my responsibility to have sufficient funds.

All in all, I'd recommend .

Whiteley, Hampshire.
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