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So I placed a substantial order with next day delivery so that it would arrive in plenty of time for my girlfriends birthday. When it did not arrive the next day I contacted Missguided customer service via email (apparently the only was to speak to them). They apologised and told me that my order would be with me the next day. I subsequently had the same conversation with them for the next week, being promised every day that my order would be delivered and everyday not receiving my order. I became particularly impatient when the order did not arrive in time for the birthday which they were ordered for, yet again all I received was an email apology and a number to call to rearrange an order. Upon ringing this number I was told that someone would call me back. Several hours passed without a reply so I called the number again to see what was going on. I was greeted by someone telling me that I should not have been given this number as it was just a reception number and that they couldn't put me through to customer services. After explaining the situation several times and refusing to send yet another email the "receptionist" looked into my order, called the couriers and confirmed that it would be delivered the next day (shock). She even sent me this in writing via email, which funnily enough contained her email signature with her position of "customer service assistant" (yet another lie). So here I am the day after this phone call with no items received. I have written another email and spoken to the help team via twitter but guess what I have been told that it will come tomorrow!

To make the situation worse I received my credit card bill today and I was charge for the items a week ago.

I am appalled and disgusted at the way that I have been lied to on numerous occasions and I can honestly say that this is the worst customer service that I have ever received and I encourage you to never even consider using Missguided!

In fact I believe the company name provides a very good description of their customer service!!!
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    Reply from Missguided

    Hi Andy,

    I have followed the tracking of your parcel, and I too am appalled at the level of service not only our courier has provided in delivering your order, but the lack of communication and customer service provided by our advisor's.

    With regards to our receptionist, occasionally our advisor's cover the reception in case our receptionist is ill/away etc. They still endeavour to provide a high level of service and I am very sorry to hear that this was not the case.

    It appears also that a Force majeure prolonged the delivery of your order (and many others) but unfortunately this is out of our hands.

    Best Wishes,
    Grace xx
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