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Worst customer service I have ever dealt with.

Ordered on a thursday. Now it has been 10 days. I have never had so many problems ordering an item from a website before. I ordered some trousers on a next day delivery which never came the following day. The courier company sent me a text telling me to wait for the delivery from 8am to 6pm. Due to the snow I felt it would be harsh to blame a company for late deliveries, even with misleading text messages, and as by the following evening the weather was fine I looked at rescheduling a delivery. After doing this online and on the phone still no parcel arrived. I decided to call the courier company. As missguided.com did not have any means of contacting except email. The courier company told me that they did not have the item in the warehouse to deliver and to contact missguided.com. So I did.

This is the email i received....

"If you have not received your items try asking your neighbours if they have received your items on your behalf or check any safe looking locations on the outside of your house.
In order for us to investigate this further for you, please list the following, being as detailed as possible:

-Door Colour
-Letterbox Colour
-Any other attributes regarding the front of the property i.e. Doorknocker, door bell

Once we have received this information we will investigate further and get back to you as soon as possible, we apologise for any inconvenience that this may be causing you."

At this point I called the courier company again. They told me the same information again and said to contact missguided. When i told them missguided suggests telling them what colour door I had they said they would look into the matter further and call me back. No call back... but discovered the money for my new trousers had been taken as well as the next day delivery charge. Another 24 hours waiting for a reply and running out of days off this week waiting at home for a parcel.

This time an email from somebody else on the missguided customer service team telling me to

"Please ignore the previous message from Chelsea as it was sent incorrectly."

At this point I was leaving to visit family at the weekend so asked if there was any chance the item could be here that week. I was told the following day and if it hadn't arrived then a full refund could be processed. No parcel. So i asked for a refund. I exchanged emails with another one of the customer care team. This time Lucy.... Who told me that for a refund I needed to send back the non-existant package. Then she told me that she would cancel it with the courier company, ask for a return and then when the parcel arrived back i could then begin to process my refund. so now i am waiting for the parcel to be returned. The parcel which the courier company say they never had. Oh wait no I'm not because i now have an email saying the parcel will arrive today. The day i am sat in a different county. However i can guarantee the parcel wont turn up. And just for jokes they sent me a ten percent discount code to "say sorry" As if i would spend another penny to be robbed away by a distrustful website.
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    Reply from Missguided

    Hi Rebecca,

    I have looked through the emails that have been sent to yourself and I cannot apologise enough for the unorganised approach the advisor's have taken.

    The parcel is currently being returned to us, where a refund will be processed shortly. I do wish to apologise for your entire experience with Missguided, and for the inconvenience that has been caused.

    Best Wishes,
    Grace xx
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