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I ordered 2 dresses from this website on APRIL 12. Immediately after I put in my order I was told that the website made a mistake and one of my dresses was not available. I asked if they could just send me the same dress in another color, and was told that they could not. A refund would be issued and I could then reorder the dress (for an additional $10 in shipping).

After 1-2 days the website displayed that my package had been "despatched" and was on it's way to me. After TWO WEEKS of waiting with no update available with regards to the location of my package available via "SkyNet" I contacted the website for insight. Their response? They can't find my acct info, please send it in. I do so (via FW an e-mail they sent me with that info...so how they didn't have it, I'll never know). Their return e-mail? "Sorry for the inconvenience" and it has been "despatched" (yeah no shit) and will arrive at your local post office...basically...someday.

Excuse me? I am a paying customer. You have MY money, yet I have no dress. I ordered this damn thing 3 weeks prior to the event I needed it for and have no dress, no refund and no mention of compensation. The e-mail said that if my dress arrived too late, I could simply return it. But was there ANY mention of a free return label in the mail? Nope.

So they expect me to order 2 dresses, only receive one, receive it well after the 10 day period it was supposed to arrive, then return it with MY money after the $10 I originally spent already did NOT get it to me on time? What the fuck? My harsh and abrasive language aside, this dress was for my Master's graduation party, and I needed it ON TIME.

I shop online all the time. This was the worst experience I have ever had. When mistakes are made, the company compensates you. Via a coupon or free shipping on your return or SOMETHING. These people? Give you grief. And then you discover all the reviews.
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    Reply from Missguided

    Hi Allessandra,

    Please accept my apologies on this matter of your delivery. Due to large volumes of orders lots of our items do sell out quickly and I can assure you that we do refund all out of stock items.

    In regards to your delivery our couriers do use the local postal service within The United States and they may have your order awaiting dispatch at a local depot.

    Can you kindly email me at customerhelp@missguided.co.uk with your order number so that I can look into this further for you.

    Once again, please accept my apologies on this matter.

    Best wishes
    Sana xx
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