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Worst case of customer service ever!!

I ordered 2 items which arrived swiftly with the correct items on the paperwork but one of the items was completely wrong (shorts instead of leggings). There wasn't a customer services number so I emailed from my psnl email account & was sent an automated email stating my query would be answered in 12hrs. 24hrs lata I still had received a response. So I sent an email from my work account & received the same automated response. 12hrs lata I had still not received a response to either email account, so I searched the website, to no avail, for a number so I could actually talk to someone. I saw that wrongly received items had to be returnec before the correct item could be sent out so I t returned the wrong item. After 36hrs I received a reponse to my psnl email account asking me to take pictures if the wrong item label before my query could be processed. I responded by stating I had returned the item due to a lack of response from yourselves. Over 12hrs lata I received a responses stating that as I had returned the wrong item without taking pictures then once the item had been received at the warehouse a decision maker would decide if I got a refund. I found this appalling, especiallly as the fault was not mine in the first place, so I responded by stating I intended to look into my consumer rights & make this sub quality custoner service very public if the issue wasnt resolved immediately. Meanwhile I had received a contradictory response to my work email which after learning I had already returmed the wrong item, so couldnt send pictures of the label, simply informed me that I would be contacted once the returned item had been received. I detailed all the correspondence from my psnl email account in my response to my work email, detailed how appalled I was with the customer service & waited for a reply. Days later I received a response to my psnl email account stating the item had been received & my refund had been processed days earlier. However the responses to my work email account stated the refund had been processed that day. I didnt actually want a refund as I wanted the item that I had originally ordered but assumed that due to the delay caused by yourselves that the item was then out of stock.
This was my very first order with yourselves & I cant believe what a bad experience you give new customers!!
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    We cannot apologise enough for the unfortunate situation with your order. Should your query still require attention please drop us an email at customerhelp@missguided.co.uk where we will be able to assist you further. Please be assured that your comments will be fed back to our Customer Care Team to ensure only the highest standards of customer care are maintained for each and every one of our valued customers.

    Best Wishes,

    Richard xx
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