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I placed my order on Sept 17th. I received an email the very next day saying my package had been dispatched. Here it is - Sept 30th and I still have not received my order yet. I've ordered from stores in the UK before and received my packages within ONE WEEK! I understand that some things from the UK may take a little longer than 5 business days. HOWEVER, if that is the case - I should be able to track my package online. I cannot track my package online. It says no tracking information available...14 days later...STILL NO TRACKING AVAILABLE. I've emailed Missguided 3 times and all they do is send me the same scripted information every single time. I live in the states in GA, btw. So upset I still haven't received my package. I will NEVER order from Missguided again and I'll make sure that no one I know orders from them either.
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    Our deepest apologies to hear you have not yet received your order. If you could kindly please provide you order details to customerhelp@missguided.co.uk and we will be able to assist you further and give you more of an update on the status of your parcel.

    Best Wishes,

    Richard xx
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