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I wish i had read these reviews before I ordered from this company. I would have NEVER spent a single dime there!!! The returns department is terrible and there is no number to contact them. It's no wonder they don't have one because they are a fraudulent company that refuses to help anyone with returns. I sent my items back over a month ago and still no one has contacted me about my returns. I have the package receipt and all the information for the items i received, yet, everyone is acting like they don't know where the package is. I will never use this company again. I see I will have to dispute charges with my bank because this company is obviously very scandalous in their practices and don't care about their customers at all. Please don't be fooled by the cheap pricing. It is not worth the headache of dealing with with this company. It's very disappointing that there are actually businesses like this open. Ones that take their customers money and don't care that the customer is upset and don't even try to help them. This is not the first return complaint you will read, so before you purchase, be leery. If you scroll down, you will see plenty of complaints JUST like mine. That should tell you something about this company. Stick with ASOS which is much better withe customer service and returns. I hate that i made a $200 mistake.

*****In response to Richard*****

Please save the fake copy and paste apologies. I have seen these all up and down this complaint board and not one of them have been resolved. I have sent over my information more than once and I still am getting ridiculous replies from Missguided. Please send over a copy that is clearer? Seriously? The picture of my tracking information is very clear. It's just so sad that companies like this exist that seek to defraud and "misguide" its customers. People spend their hard earned money to purchase from your site. No one there wants to take responsibility for what is going on with lost packages and refunds. You try and blame the customer for the irresponsibility of the workers there. It's DISGUSTING!!! And then to put your customers through hoops just to get a refund is absolutely absurd. You should be ashamed of this company and ashamed to even work here. The fact that so many people have complained about the returns process and STILL nothing is being done should scare everyone away. I hope that everyone sees these fake replies from this company and decide not to buy anything from here. I will def make sure to spread the word. It's going on a month and a half and I have received the same replies over and over again. I have not gotten any help from anyone. Standards? Customer service? Non-exisitant. This problem should have been solved and I'm still having to write about these issues. If i wanted to throw away money, I'd gamble.
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    Our deepest apologies for the delay in your return. If you could kindly email an image of your proof of postage receipt to customerhelp@missguided.co.uk then we will be able to look further into this and resolve the matter. Please be assured that we will be passing your comments on to our customer care team in this case to ensure that only the highest standards of customer care are provided.

    Best Wishes,

    Richard xx
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