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I'll Buy More from Moo

I can't believe that I received one of my orders nearly a WEEK early!

I used to think that printing from home was good enough for years until someone handed me a nice card and I handed them a homemade one. My credentials are solid, but my card certainly didn't reflect that.

I'd tried VistaPrint in the past, which was a disaster -- horrible quality/crooked cuts. Yet they have nice (deceptive) TV ads. Shame. So I didn't know where to go next until I saw a Moo ad online. I was impressed by the marketing and high quality samples as well as the ability to call and TALK with a human. That's rare in customer service lately.

I submitted two custom-designed orders -- one for personal cards and one business. Their instructions for using custom designs walked me through the process.

The business cards (classic, square) I designed look just as I'd imagined them and better! I love the soft, silk-like feel and sturdiness.

The personal cards (Luxe, square) were too dark, but that's my fault because I designed them. However, they offered to re-print my re-design at no cost! No problem. Wow.

Side note on the Luxe -- despite getting the samples, I am not sure I prefer the Luxe over the classic. They're a bit heavy/thick and may be too much for people to hold. They will however stand out. They're not easy to bend and toss out. I guess there are pros and cons. I may change my mind after the re-print.

Bottom line? Now I'm really anxious to hand my cards out. I won't be embarrassed by flimsy homemade cards anymore. And if anyone gives me a homemade card, I'll direct them to
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