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For flowers? Rubbish.

I ordered some flowers to say sorry. They arrived on time. However were wilted or dead. My girlfriend was not impressed and, I don't blame her, binned them. For me, it was a waste of £30 but more so, it was very embarrassing, if not humiliating.

I have ordered many cards from Moonpig and was a long-standing customer. First time I ordered flowers, first time I complained.

Their customer service was worst than the flowers. No apology but an offer of 10% off on my next order. These kinds of offers are moronic. A moron would think it's good enough to offer the customer and only a moron would accept.

They said that for them to "review" a refund, they would need pictures of the flowers. I explained that given that the flowers were sent with a MASSIVE I'm sorry card, you can imagine it would be hard for me to get pictures from the recipient. And of course, it is quite embarrassing to ask.

They said well, tough.

I have stopped ordering from them because frankly, customer service of this type stinks more than wilted flowers.
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