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Even a great upgrade doesn't help when you're clumsy

Well I bought a pre-owned computer. Only had 1.5Gb RAM, and wasn't as fast as I wanted. So I went to Mr Memory, bought from them many times before, ran the downloaded programme, bought the maximum recommended upgrade and installed it. I now had a computer that ran with 4Gb of RAM. Excellent performance, nice and fast on internet and downloading .PDF's and such stuff. I was a very happy bunny until.........Da Da Da Daaaaa. I got up to answer the door. Now, just to explain, I am a stroke victim and I have a totally useless right leg, cannot feel a thing with it. Left the computer, not noticing I had my foot caught in a load of cables. New tower goes over, broken, printer comes off desk, broken, external hard disk drive, (with all my back-ups), off the desk and broken. Had to buy whole new computer, printer, EHDD and a caddie to see if I could get a broken HDD. So for a brief moment I had a superbly running computer, courtesy of Mr Memory, (again). Being a cripple is not so good really. But I must say the memory worked very well indeed. For a while!!!!! :-(((
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    Reply from Mr Memory

    Good Morning ,

    I would like to thank you for taking the time and effort to leave a review following your recent order. I am sorry to hear your miss-fortune with your Computer, if you contact our support team we will be able to exchange the memory from your broken machine, for some new compatible memory for your new machine.

    Best Regards

    Paul Cooper - Web & Data Manager
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