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outstanding my itchy dog is not so itchy anymore!!

I was brousing the internet for vegitarian dog treats when your website came up. Well the title just sumed up my dog in one. My poor dog has been through various operations due to allargies and is now of life long medication which after reading your help section confirms my suspitions that it won't ever cure him only give him some tempory relief.

I found your website easy to use and very refreshing as it was instructive and honest. The service was fast and I am now in the prossess of trying out a few of your products with my dog.( the way he is anything is worth a shot.)

I would use your website again and recomend it to my friends.

Thank you.
    My Itchy Dog
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    Reply from My Itchy Dog

    Thank you ever so much. It's comforting and inspiring to me to think Itchy Dog's stuff does what it says on the tin.

    As you say, sometimes it's a question of management rather than cure but every little helps and to alleviate at least some of the discomfort is priceless.
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