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Speed + quality = Very Happy Bunny!

Short version: Highly recommended! Super fast delivery, very good quality prints but make sure that you use very high res images for best print quality i.e. 8MP - 10MP for A4 prints.

TIP: Make sure you watch their tutorial on YouTube on how to use their app, it will make it SOO much faster to create!

Long version:
I've been looking for a company to publish a photo book for me as a 5th Anniversary gift and did a lot of research and to be fair the 2 things that closed the deal with these guys is anticipated Speed of delivery + all of the reviews on this site!

Every other company that I came across suggested it would take up to 12 working days for delivery, with these guys, they said few days! I ordered on a Monday evening, item was printed, published and sent on Tuesday, delivered to me by Thursday! So say I was chuffed is an UNDERSTATEMENT!

Gave it to the other half yesterday and she absolutely LOVED IT!

Few things I wanted to mention and some feedback

- Website may not look as fancy as other apps but its the final product you should be interested in!
- Their app is desktop based which is better as you can work at your leisure but make sure you watch the YouTube instruction video, it will speed up your work 5 fold!
- The quality of the print is determined by the resolution of your images, make sure you select 8 -10MP pictures if you intend on placing on A4 size prints.
- Picture quality of the prints is good but not as good as photo's but that is because its printed onto Silk paper and not photo paper

- Add more frames, backgrounds + preset colours to your app
- Invest in making your website more attractive (like your competitors)
- Make your quality and delivery time your biggest selling point
- Mention the fact that you print in-house within the UK and NOT from Germany like practically all of your competitors
- Get ahead of the competition by creating and launching an iPad application, the logic here is iPad owners are generally higher spenders (fact) and would therefore more likely use and print photo books, especially if the interface is easy enough!
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    Thanks for the great review!
    Just a quick note on some of the points you brought up:

    To find us just search"photo books fast delivery" and we come up on both the left hand side (top 5)and right hand side.

    Before we built our website our initial research showed that although our competitors websites were indeed 'slick' they were very difficult to navigate and it took an age before you could find what you really wanted - never mind what the actual price of the finished product would be! That is why we made a no-nonsense website easy to price and navigate around.

    Your other points have been very helpful and we will give them consideration in due course.

    Thank you once again for your comments.

    Gurney S Ghatoray

    Managing Director
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