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dont ever use this company

This was my second order, the first one was out of stock, although when the order was placed it was showing "in stock"

so placed a new order for 2 SENA cases, both showing in stock, order placed on 5/2/13, I was then advised that it was out of stock, but expected in in 5-7 days, (you know where this is going, this went on until I got fed up with it on, so on the 23/2/13 I sent an email to cancel the order, and placed a new order directly with SENA cases in the US, I then received an email on the 26/2/13 to say my order had been shipped (3 days after I cancelled it.
nothing they can do, I have to return the items, that I have now been charged for, so refused delivery, got UPS to "return to sender" and waited, eventually on the 5/3/13 I have had an email to say my refund is being processed.

As an additional note, I ordered 2 SENA cases which with express shipping came to £62.30, but when I ordered direct from SENA it only cost £54.66, and arrived by FEDEX international in 3 days.

NOT impressed with this company, will never use or recommend them.
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    Reply from MyTrendyPhone

    We are sorry for the inconvinience.

    We have recieved your request for the cancelation of order number 2396995 on 05/02/2013 and it was canceled the same day and money refunded.
    Then you made a new order number 2405449 on 05/02/2013 and the next day you were informed that the product are out of stock.
    On 26/02/2013 we have sent the products as we have received the goods.
    We did not receive any email from you about cancelation of order 2405449 on 23/02/2013 , just your request about cancelation of your first order 2396995 .
    As soon as we got back the goods, we have done full refund.

    If you have any aditional questions and doubts about this , please contact us to our customer servise

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