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Time to Move to Another Bank

I have had a business account with Natwest for over a year now. To my horror part of Natwest Direct Business has been sold to Santander including our account which if you know Santander's level of customer complaints this is my opinion was a bad move.

As a small business we expect every now and then to incur charges but the last amount applied by Natwest tipped us over the edge and i vowed if applied to move.

I have always been advised by Natwest branch advisors that any cash paid in over the counter was available immediately. It mattered not if paid in over the counter or through their internal cash machine.

One Friday at 5.15pm i deposited £250.00 into our business account. The account balance confirmed this amount was available to use. Later that evening i transferred money online to a creditor. To my disgust when i received our pre-advice charges later that month i noticed a £30.00 charge had been applied for going overdrawn that day as the money credited had not been 'credited' to our credit to the following Monday. Immediately i went in to the branch concerned complaining about the charge taking all documentation including my receipt stating the money had been deposited and shown as being available to withdraw. They photocopied the information and said they would investigate my complaint. Around a week later i got a letter from them stating they had investigated and was sorry but the charge was to remain as it had been applied in line with the accounts terms and conditions.

Disgusted i tried to telephone the person directly and was told she was on lunch and was informed i would get a return call. I took the time that evening to write to the individual. The phone call never came and i have to date not received a reply. The charge was subsequently applied to my account.

On that basis and for other issues i have experienced in the past i have decided to close our account as their slogan ‘Here to help’ no longer seems to apply.

I will complain to the Financial Ombudsmen but hold little faith in their action as i have never had any luck with them in the past; i sometimes wonder who funds them?
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