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Aweful Aweful Aweful

Never ever again.
After registering our newly formed business, getting premises to trade from we are finding it hard to find a non credit business account. The accountants who dealt with everything for us guaranteed us excellent service from Natwest and to go with them.
Day 1 - Received a call from a Account Manager at Natwest, I was in a meeting and could not take the call so she left a message saying she would call back in 15 minutes and if she could still get hold of me she would call me the following day.
Day 5 - Received a call from the same lady saying we were missing each others calls, this is absolute rubbish, I have no number to call her so how could I call and I have received no missed calls. Anyway she said they could a conference call with myself and my business partner as we could not go to Natwest. A time was made, I would have to travel 50 miles in order for us to be together to make this call.
Day 6 - Drove 50 miles and no call came, waitied for an hour and still no call.
Bottom line is if Natwest deals with us like this before we join them what on earth are tyhey going to be like if we join them.
They obviously do not need the business.
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