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Never again.

Ode To Norwegian Dawn Cruise (NCL) The No Consideration Line

Once a year we go on a cruise,
After all what have we got to loose.
Well this time it seems we’ve wasted our time and our money,
Queue for everything, problems galore, no interest in fixing them really isn’t funny.
So here’s my list of NCL terror,
Hopefully it’ll stop others making the same error.
3.5 hours queuing in the grueling sun to get on board,
You’d think some shade and water they could afford.
Despite an empty air conditioned port terminal with plenty of seats,
A thousand and one excuses from jobs-worth’s we do meet.
Once on board we have our muster drill let’s hope they’ll hack it,
Alas not even a demonstration of how to put on a lifejacket.
The excitement mounts as we dock at our first port,
Queue, queue, queue for 28 minutes by now I’m totally distraught.
We’re not even being tendered off,
But by now I’m totally brassed off.
Staff from all over the World who seem to speak good English,
Pity they don’t understand my wish.
Like talking to an Indian call centre you ask them a simple question,
But from the glazed look in their eyes you just know there’s no comprehension.
No hot water so it’s cold shave, cold shower most nights,
You’d think after complaining 5 times they’d manage to get it right.
Fridge leaks water all over the floor,
Never mind we can soak it up with towels galore.
Now I know it’s only a minor irritation,
But soup spoons for breakfast is just yet another frustration.
Room service is terribly slow I fear,
Takes only an hour for a pot of tea to appear.
Queue, queue, queue is the daily refrain,
Queue to get on, queue to get off, queue for dinner, queue for guest services, queue to queue just drives me insane.
Room service have the memory of a goldfish with Alzheimer’s disease,
They seem to forget your requests with such ease.
We’ll get back to you sir is the constant reply,
Don’t hold you breathe they’ll get back when you see pigs fly.
Plenty of deck chairs they have got,
But the German towel fairies come out every night and nail their towels to “THEIR” favourite chair spot.
A max of 30 minutes towels on chairs is the rule,
It’s not enforced so we don’t get to sit by the pool.
Dinky little security men with shiny sheriff badges make you scoff,
As rather than deal with the problem they fob you off.
Internet manager never there,
Just a vacant desk and chair.
Shower door off its runner results in yet another whinge,
By now it is us that are totally unhinged.
A bill for 7 hours 28 minutes of our time forever lost,
As compensation $836.27 should cover the costs.
So Mr Kevin Sheehan there’s plenty of scope for improvements to make,
May I suggest an undercover cruise you do take.
I wait patiently for your cheque and reply,
Until then farewell and goodbye.

Norwegian Dawn Sailing from Tampa, Florida, USA on 1st December 2013
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Tilbagelænet med 5 stjerner

Efter 10 dage på Norwegian Jade, er det virkelig svært at finde noget at sætte fingeren på.
Skibet, service niveau og maden er bare helt i top.
Dog skal man være opmærksom på at de ture selskabet tilbyder er urimelig dyre, og kan gøres for en tredjedel af beløbet, hvis man er indstillet på at "gå på egen hånd.
Niveauet er hvad der svare er 5 stjerner på et hotel og så med pil op af.

Opdatering November 2013:
Har nu igen været afsted med Norwegian, denne gang på det lidt mindre Norwegian Spirit. Igen en super oplevelse.
Servicen er bare helt i top, og super underholdning.

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Cruise ship deals for Alaska, Hawaii, Bahamas, Europe, or a Caribbean cruise. Explore weekend getaways and find great cruise ship specials and enjoy Freestyle cruising with Norwegian Cruise Line.

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