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Dell XPS 1730 - now scrap

As at 25 May 2011:
I am located in Australia and purchased a Dell XPS1730 through NDC. Their eBay advert prominently displayed a 12 RTB warranty, as well as a "Buy with Confidence" line as they were a "Dell Registerd (sic) Partner".

The device became faulty within 5 months of the purchase date, requiring me to exercise their RTB warranty. However, this needed me to pay $160AU for shipping the device back to them from Australia. From what I have read of the UK Sales of Goods Act, NDC is required to repair my laptop at no expense to me if the device develops a fault within 6 months. I raised this with NDC, but they have not addressed it in any replies.

The device was repaired and returned to me. It worked for another month before developing a GPU fault. I again paid to return the faulty device to the UK ($180AU), to which it was eventually repaired and returned to me (after some querying on progress after their target 7 working days turnaround). However upon return I found that the laptop was severely damaged in transit. A corner had been ground off as though dragged and the screen was cracked. The packaging was very lacking and an investigation by Australia Post found that it had insufficient packaging to support the device inside.

I have tried contacting NDC a number of times, requesting a refund, but have had little in the way of reply. Their sole reply claimed that they are waiting for the courier to report to them in the past, but that was approximately 2 weeks ago. I initially reported the damaged item to them 3 weeks ago. They also claim that the damage was so extensive that no amount of packaging could have prevented the damage.

Once I received my report from Australia Post, I let them know that Australia Post's findings confirmed that packaging was insufficient and I gave them two business days to respond to my email. I received no reply, so I am posting my experiences here.

I have now paid $1400AU in total for what is now an unusable piece of scrap.
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