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Slow & miss points, expensive

I spent £1.38 for 25 min on the phone with c-s for problems which resulted be caused by their website (finally tech c-s said it in email). C-s on the phone was a complete a waste of time and money.

To have points rewarded it takes up to 60 days ie. Norton, and it depends from Nectar not the merchant so you woder why so long. Also you can start from Nectar website, cookies enabled, have screenprint but c-s is not interested (even if tech says They had a problem). You email with a specific problem and all the necessary info but the standard reply is completely disinterested in what you explain.
When finally they award you points c-s is not even good to let you know.

It is not specific enough so if you do many transaction you don't exactly know where they are in your statement.

Not good enough I feel.
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