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Not a bad service, but far from perfect.

Ordering online was much easier, especially with available sizes.

However, there are a few improvements I would suggest:

1. Some of the imagery is not sufficient for you to see the product. It was only because I had been in store that I knew what the product actually looked like. For example, with the occasion suits, you are offered things like shirts on the same page, with no detailed images of the shirts being worn without the suit jacket.

2. The navigation on the site looks good, but makes it difficult to see the difference between certain products. It's a pain to have to go through various frames of what is effectively a flash banner just to get to the correct product. Great for mindless browsing, not so good for finding what you want.

3. Charging shipping on a £130 order is a bit cheeky. From all the online shopping I have done, I have found even where shipping isn't free (it normally is), it is at least free for higher value orders (e.g. over £50 or over £100).

4. While I like the idea of not being charged for your product until you are happy with it, it makes the ordering process confusing. It also tries to lure you into subscribing to the magazine without making recurring charges clear. Also, there seems to be no option to pay the amount straight away - it seems you need to wait for a statement. I guess you are working on the fact that people may forget to pay for their goods, allowing you to charge interest?

Quality of the products were good. Shipping was on time so no complaints on that side.
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