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An absolute disgrace...never shopping with this company again, not even for a pair of socks

First off, one thing I truly hate about Next is that, when you make a purchase on their website, you seem to automatically be given a credit account with a limit on it...which then shows up on your credit report as an agreement. Why can I not just buy the stuff I want like I do on any other retail website, I don't want a credit account!

Now to the major issues...Next's home delivery service. In preparation for a house move, my wife and I made three orders on the same day in a Next store for sofas, beds, units, etc, etc. The store assistant was great to be honest, making the order process very simple - from that point on it all went wrong.

The first delivery failed to show up despite Next having notes on the system of a conversation I had to arrange the delivery. Seems the person I had spoken with simply forgot to schedule the delivery - and I'd taken a day out of work for this.
The rearranged first delivery showed up on time but had the wrong items. A two-part bed had one part from the range we ordered and the second part from a completely different range. This first delivery was finally successful on the third attempt following a complaint, with me taking further time out of work.

The second delivery was actually successful, but the third (sofas) became farcical. The sofas we ordered were subject to a short (5 week) lead time, one of the primary reasons we purchased them. At the time the shop assistant had informed we should call to arrange delivery, we were told the sofas were still not available and were simply fobbed off with "supplier issues". We were also told that a letter had been sent to us earlier - which we'd never received.

After more to'ing-and-fro'ing with Next's call centre we were eventually told the sofas wouldn't be available until December, a full TEN weeks after we placed the order. For a specified original lead time of 5 weeks this was we (eventually) got Next to agree to providing us with a loan sofa. This duly arrived but was too big to get into our house - by about 1 inch. The sofa was fully assembled so removing the feet would have solved the issue but were promptly told by the delivery guys "we're not allowed to remove the feet". WHAT THE?!

Yet more phonecalls between my wife and the call centre led to another loan sofa being sent to us. This time was even better than the first:
- The local delivery guy somehow got lost (sat-nav, maps on smartphone?!) which resulted in me having to direct him while he was driving
- Upon arrival he had his two kids with him. This, according to Next, was arranged as a "two-man delivery crew"
- This led to me having to help the delivery man lug the loan sofa into the house and try to get it up the stairs....and would you believe it was AGAIN too big (even with the feet off) despite the fact we'd fully instructed Next that a SMALL sofa was required. As nice as the delivery guy was and as much effort as he put in, his efforts led to damage being made to the walls in our house.

Enough was enough so we cancelled the order and escalated our complaint as high as possible. But this was STILL not dealt with sufficiently and my wife continued to be passed from pillar to post speaking with multiple people to actually try and get anything done...most of whom seemed to spend their time having the same conversation rather than using the (now essay-sized) notes regarding all of the troubles we'd faced.

After noting Next staff's email address format we eventually had enough of all the incompetence and looked up Next's directors, trying out applying their names to the email format to get through to them. It worked...and (surprise, surprise) things were then dealt with swiftly and efficiently over the next few days to resolve the complaints and compensate us for all the associated phone call costs, emotional distress, wasted time off work, wall damage, etc.

How can a company of this stature can get things SO wrong? How can it be that to actually get anywhere with complaints resolution we ended up having to contact directors? It’s beyond me...and quite simply a disgrace.

Since this debacle we've been to DFS and bought a sofa. Swift, efficient, great communications, on-time delivery to the specified lead time...fantastic! I’d suggest you do the same if you ever consider buying a sofa from Next. As for Next...avoid, avoid, AVOID. I’m not even going there to buy socks anymore...
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