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They have lost our readings!

We subscribed to NPower 5 years ago when we moved.

Recently, NPower sent us an additional bill for £500, for electricity only, having allegedly under-billed us for 5 years.

They never managed to do a proper reading (our meter is not directly accessible to us, it is in the downstairs neighbours flat, but that clearly not out of reach) in FIVE years, so this is 5 years worth of difference between estimated and actual usage.

When contacted NPower, they admitted that the initial reading they carried out was "failed" (whatever that means), that they did not take any notice of the readings we regularly sent us over the years and that they did not try to ensure a proper reading in 5 years.

But clearly, such small details are not going to prevent them from billing you.

They are so sure of themselves that they immediately made noises about offering us a discount – strange: we either owe them some money based on meter readings and will pay, or else they are just guessing and i cannot see why we should pay anything.

How exactly do you call a electric supplier that cannot keep track of your electricity usage, that sends you forms to fill in and then does not take any notice of them?

I will now post this all across the board as this is frankly comical - but we are probably not alone in this case. I am looking for other people who potentially had the same problem. This is more than likely to end up in front of the ombudsman.
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