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Normallly v good

They always manage to replace damaged phones quickly. Would get 5 stars if they could change my tariff without screwing up every time.

Update - dropped my rating by 1 star to 3 stars. They've always allowed me to upgrade cheaply 1 year into a 2 year contract provided I agreed to another 2 years. Option gone now - £100+ per phone. Guess I'll sit out the next 12 months, then look at my options elsewhere.

Edit - June 2012
Another 2 stars dropped - their 3G service is just too poor. I've bought a PAYG dongle from Three - 5 bars at home of 3G, even worked while on holiday in Orkney. My contract is up later this year, so I'll be switching to Three.

Update October 2013 - OK, I'll put them back up to 3 stars! We're on O2 Business, and the customer service is excellent. Just wish the network coverage was as good!
After upgrading our email server, we've had problems with the Blackberry server. No problem for them to change the tariff. New phone (Nokia 520) for just £59+VAT.
Assuming they finally get TUGO working on Business tariffs, we might even stay with them when the contract expires!
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