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You can complain but don't expect any useful response

i had a contract with O2 for over five years. At Christmas I got a new O2 contract via Carphone warehouse. because the previous O2 contract had 8 months to run they insisted on charging me £120 (despite the fact i was staying with O2). I accepted this and at the time the customer service person said i would be sent an electronic or paper bill as he could not be precise about the amount due.
The next thing i hear is a letter from a debit agency threatening me with legal action if i don't pay the £120 plus an admin fee. i tried to take this up with O2 but they refused to speak with me as the matter had been handed on. I tried to explain to the debt agency but they were not interested in anything but how i would pay this new increased amount.
I agreed to pay the original amount and went back to O2 to complain about the lack of communication and the referral to the debt agency. I was advised to use their webchat. this resulted in 30 mins of complete and utter rubbish (i still wonder whether this was just a computer generated algorithm?) that resolved nothing.
After sending further emails and insisting on a written response i did get communication from a real person. he advised that i was sent a letter about the debt a month ago. i did not and when i pointed this out he advised that i could access the letter i was meant to have received by paying £10 to access my O2 correspondence - outrageous!
O2 take no responsibility for their poor practice. there are so many things they could and should have done before referring me to a debt agency. they could have phoned me,. they still have a Direct debit in place so could have accessed this.
I am tied to O2 by virtue of a 24 month contract which I am not going to spend £100s more to buy myself out of. However they can be sure I will get as far away from them
as possible once I am able. i suggest you keep away too.
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