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Do not use this service provdier. Shocking approach to customer service.

I have been an O2 customer for several years and was perfectly happy with my service until I lost my phone. I was leaving for the week to visit my sick grandfather and had just sat down on the tube when i realised my phone was not in my pocket. Having only left the house 10 minutes before I assumed that I had left it plugged in and charging and thought nothing of it. When I arrived home the following saturday, after a thorough search of the house, I realised that my phone was in fact not there and must have been stolen. I immediately went to my nearest O2 store to report my sim as missing and get a new one. While there I made a call to O2 customer service to activate my new sim. I was told by the service rep that during this week period I had acquired a bill of £213 on international calls and premium lines, none of which I had ever called before. I explained the situation and she very bluntly told me that I would be liable for the charges because I had not reported the sim as missing and had it blocked. I explained that I did not think it was missing and had reported as soon as I was aware but she said that "that is not our problem'".

I then spoke with the in-store customer rep and he assured me that I should call again and that it should be sorted out, as long as it was obvious that the charges were not made by me. So I called again and was incredibly relieved to find another rep who said that they were sure it could be sorted out and that, looking at my recent calls, it was obvious that they were not made by me. He filled out a form on my behalf (which was not even mentioned by the other rep) and said that I would receive a text within a week to tell me whether the credit to my account had been approved, saying that he was sure it would be sorted.

A week goes by with no text so i call again. I am told that I will receive the text in the next few days, although the bill is set to be taken out of my account in the next few days. I receive no text and then, a few days later, see that £213 pounds has been removed from my account! I phone up the next day, outraged and explain the situation to the next rep. He looks at my account says "oh yeah, that request was declined" and proceeds to explain that "These requests are never approved" and that it is my own liability that someone else has used my phone. Once again I explain that I was unaware of the fact that my phone was not at home and did not want to cancel my entire account because of me leaving my phone at home. this receives no sympathy so I say that I would like to speak to someone who has the authority to authorise this kind of credit to my account. I am told that I will receive a call back later that day from his manager. I did receive a call and I explained that I would be cancelling my contract and spreading the word of my ordeal unless something was done about my situation, only to be told (quite rudely) that it is 'company policy' and that it makes no difference because he cannot authorise this kind of thing. I then ask if there is anyone I can speak to who can authorise this and I am told that no, it is literally impossible for me to speak to ANYONE who has the power to sort out my problem!

Suffice to say, I will be terminating my contract with them as soon as possible and strongly advise everyone reading this to pick literally any other phone company. You would think that a multi million pound company would be willing to accept £200 of charges to retain a long term customer who would have remained with them indefinitely. Clearly not! to be honest though, after the shocking customer service that I was put through I would probably have cancelled my contract with them anyway.

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