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Where did it all go wrong

We were due to have a unit delivered 21/08/12 between 07:00 and 12:00.
We received an E mail to confirm all was ok the day before delivery and the unit would be here between 7am and 12am.
After waiting in all morning with no contact I phoned the delivery people at 12:15 and was told someone would
contact me in the next few minutes, after 1 hour I called again but
again no one returned our calls.
At 13:30 I called and spoke to the call centre and after a few minutes they called back and said the
truck was delayed and had to go to Deal in Kent.
I called the delivery manager and was told the unit would be delivered
by 15:00, by 15:40 the driver called and said he would be here at
When the driver and his mate arrived they were rude / surly and the box
was soaking wet

They laughed when we asked why they didn't call to say they would be late !

I was told by the delivery office that they couldn't call as the driver was
driving, OK but what about his mate? I don't think they broke down at
all , why do these people think customers are fools?.
In any case if we had received a phone call in the morning to say it
would be delivered at 4 instead of between 7 and 12. All would have
been ok
I always say communication is everything !
I'm so disappointed with Oak Furniture Land as the last order came through
without issue and the driver and his mate on that occssion were
I E mailed to complain the same day but again no one bothered to make any contact .
We will not be buying from this firm again.
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