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Still Waiting ! :-(

Ordered around £1800 of ‘Alto’ furniture from Hove store on 29th March

Order number OLF-850486, consisting of

Tall drawer chest
6 chairs

Items delivered on 12th April

Sideboard, Tall drawer set and 3 chairs were found to be defective. Oak furniture notified straight away but was unable to upload photos of the damage to website.
The following week repeated calls were made to customer services and pictures emailed to customer services. The Customer services stance was that it was company policy not to replace faulty items, repair only.
Arrangement made for a technician designated by Oak Furniture land to inspect and carry out repairs to faulty items.

25th April, Technician ( from Homeserve) inspected the items and agreed they could not be repaired, he compiled a report ( taking multiple pictures) and forwarded this to Oak Furniture Land.

The following week, it took multiple calls before Oak Furniture acknowledged the receipt of the report but I was informed that they could not resolve the issue until a service case manager assessed the case.

I was eventually called by a Service Case Manager on 30th April ( name withheld ), during this conversation the manager was extremely aggressive and rude claiming it was not Oak Furniture land policy to replace furniture.

I pointed out to him that the independent technicians report, working on behalf or Oak Furniture land stated that the items were defective, he stated that he refused to accept the findings of the report.
When I made clear that my position was not to accept defective goods, the customer service manage ( name withheld) lost his temper and said he would make arrangements for all the furniture to be picked up. At this point I expressed my disappointment at his attitude and wished him good day !

The following day, my wife took the opportunity to post some comments on the Oak Furniture land Facebook page. Within 10 minutes of the post she had been contacted by Customer Services asking for details.

I was contacted on 3rd May by another Customer Services Manager and was able to explain the situation to him. He was very helpful and agreed to send replacements as soon as possible, the items to be inspected before dispatch.

I contacted customer services today ( Monday 13th May) hoping to arrange a date for delivery only to be told that the items had to pass through ‘quarantine’, a process that will take at least 2 weeks before we could even discuss a date for delivery.

I am looking at a delivery date, ‘some time in June‘ thats around 9 weeks from the original order !

Based on my experiences to date, dealing with Oak furniture Land, would I recommend them ? I think you can guess the answer to that !

My only saving grace is that I purchased the items using a credit card and am covered under section 75 of the consumer credit act !
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