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Buyer Beware! ..or buy elsewhere..

Order Number - OFL582369

Our delivery date was arranged and we had received telephone confirmation in the morning. 15 minutes before the end the day we received a call saying that the furniture would not be delivered. The result to me was a loss of days pay from work for no furniture with the inconvenience of having to take more annual leave to rearrange a second delivery date.

2nd delivery date 4 pieces of faulty and damaged furniture arrived along with the wrong mattress delivered- a cheaper mattress than what we had paid for!

The Milton Keynes shop said they would deliver the furniture and put it in any room we wanted but this is not the case for heavy items such as wardrobes, when they arrived with the oak furniture they said they would have to arrange another delivery date for a 4 man team to carry the furniture.

The way the furniture is packaged with the base of the wardrobe together with the main part means that the delivery staff cannot lift it due to the excess weight. The staff had to unpack the wardrobe and because of this removal of the packaging I had to sign a disclaimer saying that any damage to my house would be my fault. In the process we received damage to our wooden door and 5 chunks of wood were taken out of our wooden banister. If Oak Furniture Land had packaged the items so they could be carried I would not have had to sign a disclaimer and the damage would not have occurred because the cardboard protection.

3 rd delivery date to replace faulty items was arranged using another annual leave date. We received a call to say that the lorry had broken down and would not come. After complaining they delivered very late in the evening and this resulted in another day of lost wages.

Faulty, damaged furniture, wrong products

1) Wardrobe
The wardrobe was faulty, damaged, unfinished and showed very poor workmanship with no quality control for the following reasons;
Approximately a 35 cm height crack with a very wide gap, running from the base upwards.
Another large crack 10 cm running from the base upwards.
Magnetic strips designed to keep the door closed were unscrewed and loose
Multiple holes on top where the carpenter had forgotten to fill the holes.
The worst part is the removal men could see the cracks and faults but kept quiet and hoped I would not notice until after they had gone.

The second wardrobe replacement had one side of the front door which showed panels and in particular a very dark panel, whilst the right hand door did not have the panel feature, the result is we have two odd doors which do not match.

2) Mirror- large cracks in two places

3)White filler very visible at regular intervals on oak bed frame, a large chunk of wood missing and a split.
An engineer was sent to repair several pieces of furniture, the result another day off lost pay through having to take time off work!

4)Scratches on a chest of draws- repaired by an engineer.

5) The wrong mattress was delivered, customer service said the mattress was no longer available due to a change in stock, the result Is we have had to accept a replacement mattress we did not want. The worst part was that they tore off the label to hope that we would not be able to recognise that it was the wrong one and a cheaper mattress than what we had paid for.

The furniture is of poor quality and is not due to transportation damage but workmanship.

Poor customer Service

We cooperated at every opportunity sending photographs and video footage of the damage a shame customer service did not do the same. People failed to call when promised- both the delivery team and the after care service. On repeated occasions I have not been able to get through at all to customer service for over a week and we have received repeated lies and excuses from staff.


1) 4 days of lost pay through taking annual leave for failed delivery, replacements and engineers. Expense of making no end of calls to customer service, sending photographs, videos and writing letters.

2) Damage to the house
3) 8 weeks sleeping on the floor without a bed!

3) After writing to a senior member of the management team and explaining that we will be sharing our experiences with others by uploading videos, photographs and an account of this online, we finally got the problems resolved. We were offered all of our money back by returning the furniture or offered a gesture of goodwill. We went for the gesture of goodwill but this by no means covers the loss of annual leave days, damage to the house, stress or the major inconvenience caused by Oak Furniture Land and we still have a wardrobe without matching doors. Even with the gesture we spent a considerable amount of time of chasing this up as at one stage it seemed like an invisible offer.

1) Stay away, do not purchase anything from Oakfurniture land
2) If you do purchase don’t pay in full/ upfront as we did. Put it on a credit card as you have more rights if there are problems.
3) If you are expecting goods check the items before they get in your house and refuse delivery immediately if there are faults because it puts you into a stronger position and you are more likely to get a replacement. If the furniture enters your house faulty they will send out engineers to do repairs.
4) Take video footage and photos of the damage and act promptly
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