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Appalling customer service

I ordered two items from Oakfurniture solutions on December 25th. (yes, Christmas Day, but that was because an extra 5% discount was promised!). Payment was taken immediately with estimated delivery between 2 and 4 weeks, but I didn't get my extra 5% off the price.
After nearly 4 weeks wait, I sent 2 emails which were ignored. I then rang up and was told that my TV stand was in stock but the coffee table was not. 2 weeks later delivery was arranged. The delivery guys were helpful but when they arrived, they brought only the coffee table and the TV stand was marked out of stock. I rang again. I was told that the TV stand must have 'vanished out of the warehouse'??? I asked to speak to the customer services manager. He could not explain what had happened but managed to get hold of another TV stand which was to be delivered in due course. After another failure to deliver, where the delivery driver just 'disappeared' they agreed to use a courier as they had 'logistics problems'. At this point I got my extra 5% discount back. Delivery was finally scheduled for 18th February, before 1pm. A TNT van finally arrived at around 3pm. No-one had been in contact to explain a delay and OFS knew nothing (again). The driver did not apologise and offered me a small package, which was clearly not a TV stand. He tried to force me to accept it because 'it had my name on it' but I refused to take it.
Another couple of days and the Customer Service manager informed me that my TV stand had been returned to the depot and WAS DAMAGED. By this time I had contacted the Managing Director, who assured me that this fiasco was not usual for them-interesting that many other people have had similar experiences!! He would send me £25 compensation, which I never got. They would get the damaged TV stand repaired in 1 to 2 weeks and send me photos. If I wished to buy it at half price, I could. At this point, I asked for my money back and, to be fair, I did get this within a couple of days.
What a surprise- nothing happened and no contact was made. After 2 weeks I emailed again and was eventually given another stupid story. They hadn't repaired it because of 'the finish' but they would do it next week. At this point I gave up. I have ordered my TV stand from another supplier at £10 less than OFS charge. I will have to wait for stock but I will be charged nothing until the stock arrives and delivery is arranged. It is now 15th March, nearly 3 months since my original order was placed.
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    Reply from oakfurnituresolutions.co.uk

    Dear Angela,
    Many thanks for your feedback and please accept my sincerest apologies for the problems you have experienced with your order.

    I am sorry for the issues you experienced with your order and the end result. I can see that when you ordered we advised that the items had an expected arrival time of 2-4 weeks. In fact when you ordered one of the items was in stock and due to an administrative error you were booked in for delivery despite the fact that the other item was not in stock.

    We always take the total amount due for the order at point of sale which is standard practice for all online retailers, allowing us to purchase the items from our suppliers and so on. We do have the option for customers to pay a deposit only, with the rest payable when the items are ready for customer convenience.

    I can see that we gave you a goodwill gesture at this stage due to the problems you had experienced, although this does not in any way excuse the issues. We used a courier service to deliver the TV cabinet to you and I apologise for the lack of communication from them regarding this delivery. I apologise too for the damage to the item and for the delay in having this damage rectified. I can see that we refunded the cost of this whilst we tried to resolve this and I am pleased that you have been able to find another cabinet.

    I can assure you we are updating the processes by which we contact customers with regards to the status of their order and hope therefore to reduce errors and problems with stock, logistics and delivery. These are not the service levels we aim to achieve, or indeed usually offer.
    Kind Regards,
    Robin Hunt,
    Managing Director.
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