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I have completely lost trust in Optical Express

I first went to OE for a laser eye surgery consultation two years ago. Despite them putting pressure on me to book surgery immediately, I resisted, because I was concerned I was too young for surgery and my prescription might still change. I waited a few years and went for a repeat consultation, where I was told my eyes were very stable. I was also told that two years ago I had been very young for surgery (why didn't they tell me that then?). Just as I was about to book the surgery, I was told that the surgeon had recommended LASEK instead of LASIK. Due to the longer recovery time, I then arranged for my mother to visit from abroad for the surgery and recovery, which obviously caused significant extra expense.

On the day of my surgery, the surgeon told me I couldn't have surgery on three counts: I was too young, I was very astigmatic and the difference in prescription between my eyes was too great. All these combined meant that I had a high risk of going blind if I had surgery now. Furthermore, the surgeon told me I might NEVER be suitable for laser eye surgery. Of course, the surgeon had never seen my scans before, despite me being told that it was the surgeon who recommended LASEK. OE could have told me two years ago that I was unsuitable for surgery, if they had only bothered to check my scans properly. The three red flags should have alerted any eye care professional who deals with laser eye surgery, even without a surgeon's qualification, to the fact that there might be complications, and this should have made them check with the surgeon BEFORE I booked the surgery.

Their only responses to my complaints have been "We're very sorry" (but not sorry enough to compensate any of the extra expense they have caused me) and "The contract you signed says that the surgeon has the final say on the day" (therefore we absolve all our other staff of any responsibility to check that you are actually suitable for surgery).

To date, over four weeks after I was supposed to have surgery, OE still haven't refunded the cost of the surgery.
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    Thank you for taking the time to share your experience. I don’t think it would be appropriate to discuss your specific case within Trustpilot but I am aware that a member of my team has made contact with you online and is working with you to resolve the issues that you have raised above. If I can be of any further assistance, please contact me at clinicalservices@opticalexpress.com and I will be happy to assist.


    Stephen Hannan
    Clinic Services Director
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