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Incredibly poor customer service.

Signed a 12 month sim only deal online for iphone, received my sim a few days later but it wasn't a micro sim so I rang up the same day to request a micro sim (28th December 2011).

Was told it would take up to 14 days which I thought was strange but I accepted it.

14 days later I still have not had a sim card so I got in touch to query it and a customer service rep emailed me asking for confirmation if I wanted a sim (as if I wouldn't - how would I use my phone without one?)

The rep wasted a few days of my time then stopped emailing back, so I rang up - wasted another hour of my time demanding to cancel the contract as it had been nearly a month without a sim.

The iphone rep told me the best she could do was to credit me £20, and send me a sim which would take another 3-4 working days and I relented as I was at work and I did not wish to waste more time.

However, Orange have charged me £20.68 despite not having a sim card so the 'credit' does not even cover the first bill, yet the customer representative did not seem capable of comprehending that simple fact and kept telling me that I was being compensated.

The next day I finally received a sim and the dispatch note was dated 28th December 2011. I don't know what mail service Orange used but I don't know of any company that takes more than 20days from dispatch date.

Avoid this joke of a company at all costs. I will not be staying with them after my contract ends.
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