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Such poor quality service

My claim for a new phone (6 months old) was rejected due to me not contacting them within the 7 days. This was my letter explaining my circumstances!
This letter and my appeal was then again rejected. When asking to speak to a manager i was told 'he cant help you' and then left on hold for 20 minutes. I also said another compnay would buy out my contract after 5 or so year of being with Orange, they replied 'OK do it'. I feel this is an absolutly unacceptable way to deal with loyal customers, and i expected better.

I would like to appeal against your decision to reject my claim for mitigating reasons.
My first and foremost, the main reason i did not make a claim immediately was due to the fact i was travelling, and there was no suitable time for delivery, i thought it didn't make sense to order a phone when i had no clear date for delivery.
I was unaware of the time scale for making a claim, as i do not have a paper copy of my contract to refer back to, as i normally renew my contract over the phone.
I was also confused by the time scale as the last time i made a claim it was after 7 days, I was also unaware that the circumstances change when you are abroad, therefor knowing i had done it before, i did not see why waiting to make the claim was an issue.
It is upsetting also that this handset and previous claim was made a mere six months ago and the handset is already unusable.
I would particularly like to fight my case here as on February the 14th, i did in fact go into an EE store (Westmorland Shopping Centre in Kendal) and discuss with a female member of staff my best options for replacing the phone, whether this be through Orange Care, or under Samsung warranty (as i have only had the handset six months, this was still an option) I was advised, which ever option i chose i would have to pay the same fee, and it would be quicker and more direct to claim through Orange insurance. At this point i do feel very strongly that it the clauses of the contact were repeated and i was made sure i was aware and told that i had to claim within seven days. If this had been the case i would have made the claim there and then in the shop. I do feel that is is important for staff to be knowledgeable on company policies to help consumers like me in these situations. If the staff are not aware then this critical information can not be passed onto customers. Although this was not logged onto a computer, i was given a new, full battery so as i could use my mobile phone, this information will hopefully correspond to the battery originally sent out with my phone, to back me up.

I do feel with all this in place, that it is slightly unfair to have rejected my claim, and i am quite happy to pay the access fee for a new one. I have been an Orange customer for the past five years, as has my father. We both rack up rather large bills at times and i also have Orange home broadband with you. I have paid for insurance ever since i took my first contract out with Orange, and me and my family have shown a large amount of loyalty to your company. In return i do not feel i have been given the service quality i pay for, and with that much dedication, i feel there should have been some leeway in my claim. My father was very unhappy with the decision, and complained to Orange stating he would be happy to change network, the reply from an Orange team member was 'thats fine, ok,' I don't feel this is the customer service or loyalty by the company we deserve for networking with Orange all these years.

I hope you can understand why i am disappointed within the company and service, and prove these acceptable reasons for not making a claim sooner, and allow me to order a new handset.

Many Thanks
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