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Everything going Nowhere!!

Since orange have come together with T Mobile under the EE brand it's been down hill. I have been with orange for 13 years and have watched them go down hill with their cutomer services. The customer service is like the lotto on the day you ring and see which call centre you get. They make up their own rules as they go along. I have had signal issues recently and I get the same line every time I ring informing me the mast is down in my area and they are working on it.

The mast seemed to be fine for all the years it was just the orange brand and since EE it's gone down,,

Please think twice about joining EE brands as they are a bunch of cowboys, I have emailed the CEO Olaf swantree twice with no avail, telling me customer service is at the bottom of their list.

You will also recall they have been on watchdog and if you search the Internet you will find many fraustered customer with the same issues.

It's a shame as orange was a excellent network to be on, but now it seems profit is ahead of customer service.

So think twice!
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