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customer service is a sham

Ever since orange joined with EE my service has been rubbish even the customer service used to be really good, now your treated like dirt,

I've been with orange 12 years or more and never had a problem, previously when my contract has been up for renewal they have rung me to ask about phones and plans, not anymore,

over the last few months my bills have been massive so I decided when my contract was up for renewal that I would try somewhere else, when I rang to disconnect the customer rep told me I had to give 1 months notice even though my contract was over...
I like most people I'm a busy person and completely forgot the date of the disconnection which happened to be today 21/05/13 9am,

as you can imagine I thought my phone had a fault at first......

when I realised it had been disconnected I rang a rep and asked for the Pac number to transfer my phone number to a new provider after all it had only been a couple of hours after disconnection......

4 phone calls to 4 different reps I gave up and got a pay as you go sim to see me through the day
as soon as I got home I looked for the letter and disconnection date which was today....but the letter clearly states that if I decided to return up to six months down the line I can have my old number back, so why the bleepin bleep cant I have it now???
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