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Excellent customer service - sorted my problems straight away !

I called orange (EE) to say my phone (Samsung S3) would not switch on. They ran through all the checks then said I could either send it off for repair to Samsung (because it was still under warranty) or I could claim on my insurance. I said I need the phone and would claim on the insurance - thus getting a replacement the next day.
She then said fine but there would be a £25 excess charge. I complained that I had never before paid an excess and that I had been with Orange since they first launched back in 1996 (I think).
She put me on hold and then came back and said that as I had been such a good customer (large bills that I never missed a payment on) that they would waive the excess fee.
She also credited my account so I could get a new battery as the replacement phone would not come with one.
The Orange rep was professional, courteous and very helpful at all times I highly recommend.
Keith Sheriff
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