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Worst Customer Service Ever!

This company doesn't even deserve any stars if it was up to me.

Was cancelling contracts a month ago, telling them I was going to GiffGaff/ Tesco Mobile for sim only - £10 per month for 2GB internet, 500 minutes and unlimited/ 5000 texts.
We were then told they could in fact not only match the deal but beat it all for just £11! (We thought this was brilliant!) However, as the time passed, we were sent a letter 4 days before we were due to start this new contract which had 2.5GB internet, 1000 minutes and unlimited texts. It turned out that in fact we were only to receive 250MB per month.

We then rang up with this problem and asked them to check if they made a mistake. INFACT they do not sell any product giving 2.5GB of internet and we asked them to check the phone call we had made to upgrade to this product I had wanted - We were told they would ring 24 hours later - They decided it was a good idea to ring at 10PM!!!
This is totally ridiculous on it's own. On the message I got after being asleep with the phone off, they said they'd ring back between 1:30pm - 3:30pm. This didn't happen. So we rang them. We were cut off with this problem 3 TIMES! - To make sure it wasn't the phones fault. All 3 contracts we had - so 3 phones (iPhone 4S + Blackberry Curve x 2) rang up... ALL WERE CUT OFF MID CONVERSATION!!! This was on Fri 14th June 2013!!!

These new contracts start tonight at 12:00AM... So from being told multiple times we would be called back. We haven't been contacted at all!

So we will not be going back with Orange in the future after cancelling payments the next day!

I hope this helps with people who may also be experiencing (Sorry for the language but I feel this is relevant) this BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!

Obviously we are going to let Orange know. And im going to name names in this perdicament as this has been totally unfair seeming the only way I can contact them is via phone call!

People involved were:
Ray Crowley (Manager/ Supervisor @ Orange Customer Service)
Others were involved in this and we are very infuriated with this problem we've had. As I know, all calls are recorded so if you'd like to check them then this would be BRILLIANT!

Maybe some retraining or firing is in order? This is the worst customer service I have ever experienced with any company!

I am aware this is a very emotional post, I didn't want to turn to this method of contact with Orange but I want to warn people that this is a big issue you put towards your customers.
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