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NEVER ever go there!

I'm writing in English so both the Swedish and the danish people in Malmö region can think twice.

I have bought a lot of cars the last 5 years all 14 bought in Sweden and ALWAYS fantastic service. BUT 2 weeks ago I did two cars that suited my needs. I did sent them a mail and got a fast response nice! I went down to the shop a Thursday. I went in said hello and the guy Ulf sat on the phone and said pls. go down and see. Quite ok. after 20 min I went up to Ulf and went over to him he asked me to sit but never got up or shook my hand. We spoke about the cars and I said it sounded ok. the next day I wrote a mail that I wanted to try the cars.... I wrote them Saturday evening so they had the mail Sunday when they open the shop. I ask if they could get the car out to 13 a clock so they had 3 hours to get it out. When we came they looked at us with s "UPS" in their eyes.

We went down and looked at the cars. After 30 min and talk with another guy (big guy - very nice). We went up again to our "sales guy". he said that they waited for the guy with the key but if we came back again after 14:30 the car would be ready that was no problem even if we came after 15:00 it would bed ok cus he had the keys. We thought it was a bit irritating but OK now they would take the cars up for us.

We went home. We Called Ulf at his cell phone and when he picked up he had left and we couldn't try the cars before Monday but it would be ready from early morning 10:00.

I took 2 hours free from work and went down there Minda.... No people there. I called Ulf at his cell, he was home sick. I asked if one of his co workers could take it up later... he said that one of the others would call me later.

Later that day I sent them a mail at 19:00 (7pm) that I haven't heard a thing. I called them on the company phone and another guy told med that he could have the car ready for me Wednesday afternoon. I said I would come Thursday morning, and that was ok.

I came 10:00 (10am) Ulf on the phone, no wink no nothing. His college asked if he could help and I said I was here to try the cars and he said (with out looking at me ONCE) it was not out, has has also been sick and he got irritated with me and said blah blah blah so is it.... good bye....


If anyone EVER trade car with these guys well good luck I cannot recommend ANY one.... S T A Y A W Y!!

I can recommend many others serious car dealers and I will, but NEVER Örebil.se

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