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Trading standards should look in to this company

Is this company selling seconds at full price?
I purchased a lifeproof phone case for an apple 4/s only to find out I can not keep my phone in my pocket because the case activates voice control.
Where the case fits into the main button it is raised so any pressure on that area sets off voice control which you can not turn off to stop this happening.
What good is a phone case I can not put in my pocket?
I told outdoorgb.com that it was not fit for purpose or faulty and they told me it was not actually faulty and that I had used it so they wouldn't send me another one or refund my money!
Of course I had used it outdoorgb, how else would I have found out it was no good??
What good is a phone case when I can not put it in my pocket outdoorgb?
Customer service just ignored my emails after they knew I was not to be fobbed off with lame excuses.
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