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Not competitive, dodgy returns

The company is awful, good luck to anyone returning faulty goods because the return policy is not worth the paper its written on.
I will not touch them with barge poll after my experience. better off spending money elsewhere with a more reputable company that offers a decent returns / exchanges and doesn't charge you a fortune.

They are not competitive with some smaller products being up to 3 x the price of other retailers like ebuyer or scan. The community forums are just full of very rude and patronising, egotistical, arrogant (insert explicit word) people. I was a member there before all my troubles started I am now leaving this place well alone.
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    Reply from Overclockers UK

    Hi Daz, your experience sounds quite bad and I can assure you, that this is by no means the norm. Unfortunately, there is no specific information about what product or order number was not handled to your satisfaction. Could you please let us know your customer ID or order numbers?
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