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Owners Direct - one of the most unhelpful companies EVER

We booked a villa in the Algarve in Portugal - P3080 - for our summer holiday this year through Owners Direct. It is the first time we have used this company and it will most definitely be our last!!

We choose this villa for its secluded location as privacy and relaxation are our top priorities for our annual holiday.

The villa was actually quite nice but the main problem was the owners who “lived nearby”. This villa is clearly their own house that they rent out in summer and while that meant the villa was very well equipped it also meant that the owners where reluctant to leave us alone!! We booked the villa for 10 days and during those 10 days we saw the owners FIVE times - so much for a relaxing holiday!!

There where several things advertised which where clearly not correct. They advertised a sun terrace for private sunbathing – the gate to this was locked. When we asked about the terrace we were told it could not be used because of a new roof? A Wii was advertised for “family fun” – there was a Wii in the villa but NO games so it was pretty pointless. Weekly changes of linen and towels were advertised but we did not get this either. The owner promised us a welcome pack but, once again, this was never given. On our return home we double checked our emails to make sure we had not dreamed up this offer of a welcome pack (we hadn’t) so contacted the owners to ask them. They initially denied the offer but then, after being sent their own email, said they would refund us £20 – we never got it.

We contacted Owners Direct to tell them of the issues we had at the villa, including the incorrect listing for several items which we never received and, like others who have posted here, they told us that they were simply there to advertise the properties for the owners and would NOT get involved in any issues between the owners and the renters – they are happy to take the money for the listings but then wash their hands of any other involvement – great customer service!

We have been renting villas, all over the world, for the last 7 years from Europe to the USA and have NEVER had a problem until we choose Owners Direct.

I did ask Owners Direct why they did not have a “review” section with each listing so that people could see what other holiday makers thought of each property before they made their decision to rent, or not (this is something that most other villa rental companies offer) and was told it is something they are thinking about! I know what my review would have said if I had the option to add one – perhaps that is why they won’t add a review section because they know what will happen!!!!!!!!!!
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