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Parcel2Go... sure.. but to where???

This is literally the most pathetic courier service I have ever been across.... Calling yourself a courier is supposed to indicate that you collect something from somewhere and deliver it to somewhere else in accordance with the agreed service level agreement and allow your customer to track the delivery while it's in progress.

The only of these criteria that Parcel2Go and their partner Nightline managed to do, was to collect the package from it's requested location. However, after a week of being boldface lied to by their ridiculous customer service, one of them then told me (for the first time) that collection had not been attempted as they were not permitted to collect from airports for security reasons. Another lie...

Hertz, where the package was supposedly not collected from, has confirmed that on the day in question, a courier showed up, showed them a docket with my name on it and collected the package. As soon as they updated the system following collection, my ability to track the package disappeared. Alarm bells went off and I started to contact Parcel2Go customer support via their "Online Chat".... Every working day between the day after collection I have been told "We have contacted the courier and when they update us with the new tracking number, you will be sent an email"... no email.... ever... then I call them... and some guy then tells me that collection was never attempted because they are not allowed to collect from airports!!!

First of all, I was not advised of this when I initially placed the order, neither by [name] who sent me my documents, nor by [name] who sent me a following email stating that my shipment was due to be despatched.

Secondly... have anyone heard of a courier company that can't collect from an airport? Isn't that a bit like a surgeon who can't stand the sight of blood?
Either way, I have since being told this boldface lie, re-confirmed with the person at the Hertz counter at Cork airport who was present at the time, that a courier DID collect the package...

I do a fair amount of shopping online, so I have a lot of experience dealing with courier companies.... This lot of amateurs should NOT BE TRUSTED!! I have posted this exact same review on their own website, but seeing how they maintain a 4.8/5 average review rating on their own website by not posting any negative reviews, I thought I'd post it on a few independent sites like this....


Update 19/12/2012:

Over a week since I submitted a claim at the advise of one of their customer service reps. After submitting the above review, I did receive an email pretty promptly from a [name], who assured me that she was going to get to the bottom of this and would be in touch..... that was a week ago... tried several times to contact them for an update... no joy....

Tried their ludicrous "online chat" support again today.... and was then told that I need to show proof of purchase for them to process my claim... REALLY?

They can take my money for a service they don't deliver, take my phone, lie to me repeatedly... leave me hanging waiting for resolution... not respond to emails... and then they want proof of purchase/value of item when I push them to process the claim?? That's fairly rich even for this lot!!

The parcel in question is a Samsung Galaxy S2 with an additional 16 GB SD card in it. It's still in very good condition, even though it's about 17 months old now. I insured the phone based on what I believe is a reasonable cross-hair between the current value of the phone (if you buy it without a contract) and what I would have to pay to buy a new one today to replace it.

First they lied to me and told me that they never collected it, then when I showed documentary proof that it had been collected, now they want proof of purchase/value to pay me what I insured it for??? I'm getting tempted to simply call up the police and report [name] for theft, as the founder and responsible executive for this lot of idiots!!

I've emailed a [name] today, who is a marketing executive at Parcel2Go [private data], as his was the only email address I could find, but if anyone has knowledge of the email address or phone number (apparently, this company doesn't have phone numbers, except 0871 numbers at 10 p a minute, just in case they haven't taken enough of your money already)

Waiting to hear what the next load of nonsense I get from these guys... but starting to give up on ever seeing that phone again.

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